Monday, December 14, 2009

Drug Free

I was also on the Red Ribbon Week Committee.

I got to decorate the outside of the school, to
remind everyone to be drug free. The kids got
to have a fun dress-up day for everyday of the
week, including PJ day, Backwards Clothes day,
Hat day and wear red day. They also made up
jingles in their classes to be judged and win prizes.
I helped judge the classes who made up a "Drug
Free Jingle" The kids did a great job. So much
creativity. Most of the classes made the jingles
to a well known tune. A few used Row, Row,Row
Your Boat others made up their own tune, one class
even did a little skit. It was very tough judging. I was
a little biased, because Paris' class was just so cute,
but I wasn't the only one and her class ended up getting
3rd place! They sang their little tune so well and it was
really cute because they were better than a lot of the older
grades, which is why they won. This was the first time a
kindergarten class has won the jingle contest. Yay, Paris'
class!! The 2nd and 1st place winners were so original!
It was great fun, and for such a great cause.

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