Monday, December 14, 2009

Reflections (11/5)

I was on the Reflections committee again this year.

It is such a great program, and it's fun to see all the
creativity of kids! Just a little background on the
program. It's a national PTA creativity contest. The
kids are given a theme each year and can submit
projects in a few different categories (dance, 3-D art,
Visual art, photography, and a few others) They are
required to do all the work themselves. They are
judged school wide first in age categories ( K-2, 3-5, etc.)
If they win 1st place in their age group they move on to
city level, then state, then national.

This year, the due date fell on the first day back to school
after fall break. We didn't expect many entries, but there
were still a surprising number of kids that turned things
in. Evey had really hoped to do a dance this year, but
again procrastinated and I wouldn't let her turn in a dance
with out set choreography. What a mean mommy! Well,
we ended up procrastinating projects until the night before
the due date, and not wanting to miss the opportunity the
girls sat down on Sunday night and threw together a little
project. The theme was "Beauty is..." Evey made a little
rose out of clay and Paris made a flower out of tissue paper
glued to a piece of card stock. I knew the girls projects
would be looked over by the judges but didn't want to
discourage them, so they submitted them. Paris was so
proud of hers she didn't want to give it up to be judged,
but in the end she decided it was okay.

Now, even though I was on the committee, the judges that
were picked had no connections at all with kids from
Lakeview so there was no bias. And, since I was on the
committee, I knew as soon as judging was over that Evey
had gotten an Honorable mention (3rd place) ribbon, and
Paris a first place trophy, which meant she would be moving
on to city level. I was shocked! It was hard to contain my
excitement and keep it a secret from the girls.

They were pretty excited on the day of the assembly when
their names were called to accept an award. Evey was surprised
too that she had won something.
This is the first year that she didn't win a first place trophy
and move to city level, but she knew she hadn't put in the
effort for that.

Paris didn't quite understand at first except that she loved
her trophy. We're so proud of their creativity and desire to
be involved.

Congrats Girls!

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