Monday, January 4, 2010

3 Weeks!?

I think I'm all caught up on blogging now. Phew! Now
to make baby stuff and wait for her arrival! At the Dr.
appt last week I had lost another pound. It's been so
nice to loose weight over the holidays!! And, they
tested for group B strep, a little infection that can be
passed to the baby as she is being born. No big deal,
they just put an IV in my arm with some antibiotics
and all is well. I had it with both other girls, but not
with Lex. I find out on Wed (1/6) what the result is.
I'm really hoping for a negative because I want to get
out of the hospital as fast as I can. The will keep us
for 36 hours if I have Group B. The hospitals and OB
offices are all on "super freak-out" alert for the H1N1
crap, and so no kids under 14 are allowed to the offices
or up to see babies!! Boo, Boo, Boo!!! So I will be
attempting to make record time with this one and get
her out to her anxiously awaiting public, and siblings!

I decided that I wanted cute baby belly pictures for this
one. All of the others I forget and then we get one as I'm
in labor in my beautiful hospital gown, So I dragged mom
out to help me with some better shots. I set up the cam
and made her pose for me so I could focus and get the
lighting and settings I wanted then we'd switch and she'd
press the button. She wants to take credit for the pictures,
but I'm only allowing her partial credit! Yeah, I'm stingy!
Anyway, I think they turned out reasonably well.

There's a resident herd of deer at this location and they
decided to be out during our little shoot. So cute!

Enough with the belly hearts , I know. I think they're cute. DEAL!

4 Pennies for your thoughts:

Jessica Munk said...

Cute!! So when and where do you think is a good place to get pics for my family? It'll probably have to be a Sat with Jon's work schedule.

TheAndFam said...

I loooove those pictures!!! You look so beautiful and your glowing!!

Christa said...

Amy, you are so darling! I love the belly pics!! I hope everything goes well for you and baby! Only a couple of weeks left. HOORAY!!

Drea said...

Love all the belly pics! You're so cute! Good luck with the delivery--I can't wait to hear she's here and see pics of your beautiful family!