Thursday, January 14, 2010

Baby Stuff

I decided to save a little money and custom make my own
cutie trendy stuff. I spent about $90 on fabric and went to
work. I made; a Car Seat Canopy, a blanket, matching
diaper and wipes holders, a boppy cover, 3 hats and 2
nursing covers. I have the fabric for another nursing cover,
2 slings, another boppy cover and some burp cloths. I'm
going to have to get my booty in gear to get this stuff done!

I love this blankie!! I just fake embroidered the dots and
they look so cute with the underside dots.

Here's one side of the boppy...

...and the other side.

Can you tell I like dots?!

I didn't have a pattern for these, so I hope they fit and
look right, but they're dang cute!

I went a little a stray from the pink and brown dots theme
for the nursing covers, but I really like the pattern.

3 Pennies for your thoughts:

Jessica Munk said...

SNAP!!! Look at you go!! You're amazing! And the stuff is adorable :)

Drea said...


Buell Fam said...

They all look so cute! You are so talented! I sure do miss hanging out with you every month!