Monday, January 25, 2010

Baby Spa

Evey and Paris were very willing to help give Winter her

first bath at home. Lex had better things to do apparently.
He did come watch for a few minutes, but it just wasn't
that interesting I guess. Poor little Wynn had to be
freezing in this picture. She was pretty happy the rest of
the time though.

She loved having her hair washed!

Ahh, nice and clean and beautiful!

We're thinking her eyes will be blue like Evey. They aren't
quite the same "baby grey" that Paris had that finally turned
to brown, they seem to have a lot of blue.

So content.

Her hair curls when wet, but after I play with it too much
it goes back to being straight. Paris' hair was super curly,
and still has a bit of natural curl, I'm sure if it wasn't so
long it might curl on it's own. Evey however, has the
straightest hair ever, she doesn't even have to blow dry it
and it falls perfectly straight when it dries. It will be fun to
see how Winter's hair turns out. She does like when I play
with it. That's my girl! Gotta start them early!

This is my first experiment with newborn portraits. They
turned our pretty good. I'll have experiment more soon.

3 Pennies for your thoughts:

TheAndFam said...

Oh my goodness Amy!! Winter is SOOO precious!!! I have to come see her!!

Drea said...

Congratulations! She is so beautiful! I'm so sorry I missed this! I was anxiously waiting to hear when she arrived but I was traveling and missed it completely! I LOVE the photos and am looking forward to hearing more about how Winter grows and fits in your beautiful family.

Lacy said...

She's so beautiful Amy. Love the pictures.