Wednesday, March 3, 2010


I figure, since Jon and I have been married for a
DECADE now, I should blog about how we met
and our life and adventures together. Don't
worry I summarized a lot so it's not TOO long.

We both sang in the Madrigal group in High School,
but officially met through some mutual friends.
We got to know each other at group movie outings
and parties and eventually started sitting back to
back (Like Forrest and Buba, "I'm gonna lean up
against you, you just lean right back against me.
This way, we don't have to sleep with our heads in
the mud.") when we'd hang out with friends before
classes. At one Madrigal party in January '97 after
an afternoon of ice skating, sledding and snowball
fights, a little group of us decided to hike to a little
spot called Monkey Rock to watch the sunset. Jon
and I sat back to back as usual, and watched the
beautiful Colorado sun set behind the mountains.
(awww) Well, Jon leaned over and gave me a little
kiss (AWWW) That was it, we were pretty much
inseparable after that. Our first date was to Denny's
and the movies to see Star Wars (re-release special
edition). For those of you who know Jon, this is
where his "geeky-ness" started.

We were totally spontaneous and we love to look
back and laugh at all the adventures we had.
We were in lots of plays together, and even cast as
a couple in Hello Dolly. I guess we were a pretty
cute pair...wink,wink! We had lots of ups and downs
and a few break-ups the next 2 1/2 years, family and
friends know all too well. But, we just couldn't stay
apart for very long, we always ended up back together.
After he graduated, he didn't go to college right away,
but even now he's not sure why he did that. So after I
graduated, we both headed to UNC.

A couple weeks into classes I found out I was pregnant.
I left school, and he followed soon after. It was a rough
few months dealing with how plans had drastically
changed, but Jon ultimately stepped up to the plate and
asked me to marry him...

...We were opening Christmas presents from each other,
and I was sure one of them was a ring. None of the boxes
were the right size, but I figured Jon was being true to his
trickster self. I got to the last one and low and behold...
no ring. I tried not to be too disappointed, and went about
looking at my gifts as Jon left the room and came back
with a little grey box. I knew what it was and was so excited.
I opened it ... and all that was there was a little sticky note
that said "I O U one ring." I think Jon learned his lesson that
day on not messing with a pregnant lady's emotions! Not to
worry, he did have the ring and he got on one knee and asked
me to marry him.

We had a little wedding at church, that turned out
beautifully thanks to some family friends, and got a
nice "honeymoon" at the luxurious Broadmoor resort.

Evey was born a month later, and changed our lives
completely. She had Jon wrapped around her tiny
finger from the moment he saw her. He became the
best daddy and hubby anyone could ask for. We
spent the next year and a half in Woodland Park,
but decided that we needed to move on from our
little mountain town. So, we moved to Utah to
broaden our horizons. We had two more kids there.
Then, we decided to be incredibly spontaneous and
move to New York. That was a huge, expensive,
adventure! So we came back to Utah and had
another kid, and here we are now. We absolutely
love our little (well, not so little anymore!) family.

Jon and I have a great partnership and a friendship
that has continued to grow over the years. We love
to be together, and love every part of our relationship.
We just fit perfectly, we complete each other (yes,
I would like some crackers with my cheezy!) 6 months
ago we were sealed to each other and our children, and
any more that may come, for time and all eternity.
I am so blessed to have Jon as my eternal companion.
He lives his life for our family. He is incredibly
unselfish, and patient, and just plain fun to be around.
I love him with all my heart.

I made a slide show one year for our anniversary, and
I think I even posted it last year, but I thought I'd make
a better, updated one for this "sorta"versary, since it's
a big one. It took me forever to go through our loads of
pictures to find these, but I love the video, I watch it at
least once a day.

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Jessica Munk said...

You guys are awesome!! Thanks for being such great neighbors! PS can I borrow 2 eggs! :)

Jessica Munk said...

Oh and I think the header on your blog didn't upload right....?