Saturday, March 13, 2010

PJ Party

Our little Paris turned 6 on February 19. She has
been such a sweet little addition to our family.
Always making everyone laugh and adding drama
where needed.

Paris Jasmine has a special story for her middle
name. Before she was born Evey (who was obsessed
with Disney princesses at the time, and had each
female in our immediate and extended family
named for one of the princesses. She was Sleeping
Beauty, I was Belle and so on) decided that her new
little sister would be born with black hair and her
name would be Jasmine. We had other plans, but
when she came and had a head full of black hair,
and we couldn't agree on the middle name we
went ahead and named her Paris Jasmine. Evey
is very proud to have had a hand in naming her
little sister.

Paris was originally due on February 29 (leap
year and our first "real" anniversary)but decided
to come a little early. It was a quick and easy
labor lasting 4 1/2 hours from the first contractions
to birth. When the Dr. ( who has delivered 3 of the
kids now) finally got there he had to practically catch
her, I really didn't even have to push, maybe a half a
push. As her was catching her he and the nurses were
shocked at how much hair she had, and then how huge
her cheeks were! She was born at exactly 7am and
Evey and my mom and sister were in a little waiting
area right outside the room and heard her first cry
(pretty loud!) and they knew she was here. The Dr
was sure she was a 9 lb baby. But, when they put her
on the scale and she was only 7-11 he was sure the
scale was broken and had a nurse get another one,
which said the same thing.

Evey was immediately in love with her new little sister.
She was able to go with Jon to the nursery to watch the
nurses clean her up. After a little bath the nurse put a
cute little red bow in her hair. This was unacceptable to
Evey, so she banged on the window and ordered that her
little sister needed a PINK bow. The nurse laughed and
happily found the closest to pink they had and made sure
it was okay with Evey before placing it in Paris' hair.

2 mo.
Paris has made us laugh from the beginning. She has such
a funny little personality and does little quirky things.
We started a little journal of all of the funny things our
kids say and do, because there were so many we wanted
to remember from Paris. For instance when she started
crawling, she always had her left hand in a fist. We called
it her monkey fist.
9 mo.

When she was about 2 she decided that she needed to do
everything herself. This included flushing the toilet. If
after we helped her go potty we flushed the toilet, she
would get very angry and insist on pulling her pants back
down to get on the potty and go again, or try, and then get
off and flush it herself. There were many things like this
and we were worried that she had some weird toddler
OCD. It was around this time that she decided when we
went out to eat it should be at Old McDonalds, Old
McWendy's, or Old McSonic.
2 years

One time while driving, Paris asked me, "Mommy, how
do you get rid of a human body?" Evey the ever sane
child asked "why did you ask that?" To which Paris
responded" Iiii Can't Tellll youuu." .... WHAT?!
3 years

4 years

Paris is a beautiful little girl and we are so blessed
to have her as a part of our family. She is super smart,
talented and has recently taken on the roll of big
sister very seriously. She was a little too young when
Lex was born, but She loves to hold Winter, and help
with out complaining!
5 years

We took a trip to Idaho on Paris' birthday, so on the night
before we had a little party with family. She got some
pretty good loot!

And a cake,

And a Wish.

We drove to Idaho on Friday (Feb 19, her birthday) and
she got another cake, presents and a wish. Then Last
weekend we had her friends birthday party. She was so
wishy washy about what theme she wanted. First it was
animal, then "Pretty", then Hello Kitty, and finally
Pajama Party. I was glad she stayed with that it ended
up really cute. We made invitations, and she invited her
friends to wear their favorite pajamas.

My mom pointed out that it was a PJ party, as in Paris Jasmine.
I didn't even realize, what a good mom I am, geez! We wanted
to have the girls decorate their own slippers, but found that
to be too hard to find and a bit pricey for the number of girls
invited. We went through many other ideas, pillow cases, t-shirts,
and socks. Until we decided to do sleep masks. Using foamies,
rather than fabric paint, made it so much easier for the girls to
do on their own and way less messy too.
I think it turned out well,. The girls had fun and seemed to
like them. I had a mom tell me later that her daughter
wanted to wear it to bed. That makes me feel good, that is
wasn't just thrown away when the girls got home, like so
many other party favors are.
Some of the backs of the stickers were a little tough to get
off, but we had really polite girls who waited for help, and
two bigger girl helpers to keep on top of it.

Paris did a really good job! So Cute!

We played some fun games, that I was in charge of so pics
weren't taken. But they were Jon's ideas. For one we put a
bunch of little trinkets in the bottom of two sleeping bags,
formed two teams and the girls would race to crawl into
the sleeping bag head first to retrieve which ever trinket
was called out on their turn. It was pretty fun and the girls
had a ton of fun rooting on their teammates. We had some
funny static hair after that one!

I tried to make the cake look like a bed with a pillow and
cute little slippers, but I think with out an explanation it
just looks like a regular rectangle cake. Also Jon's idea.
We make a good team though, he comes up with the ideas
and I carry the out. Works great!

Another Cake and Another Wish. I want 3 wishes for my birthday!

Paris loved her new jammies. She loves to fold them very
nicely and tuck them, along with her mask, in between her
pillows every morning when she makes her bed.

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