Thursday, May 13, 2010

Welcome to Colorful Colorado

This blogging thing is an endless game of catch-up for me. Sometimes I think
the end is in sight and then sure enough I'm at least 4 posts behind. I guess
that's what happens when we have so much to share, and I won't complain
about being busy, because really, I love it!

I took the kids to Colorado the second weekend in April to visit my dad so
he could meet Miss Wynn. The weather was perfect!! All the snow from
previous storms had melted and dried and we just missed the storms that
have continued to pound them since.

I tried to show Evey, (and the other kids, but they didn't really care yet) some
of what we used to do and what life was like when Jon and I were her age and
growing up.

Deer and other wildlife are not an unusual sight on a typical morning in our little
mountain town. This is looking off the front deck at my dads house.

Notice the road in the picture? I explained to the kids that learning to ride a
bike, roller blading and rip sticks just aren't the same on dirt roads!! But we
found other fun things to do on wheels. Dad lives at the bottom of an incredibly
steep hill. A few of the somewhat distant neighbor kids had taken the motors
out of a couple of those power wheel jeeps and were riding them down the hill.
They got some crazy speed and had a few nasty spills, but no injuries to report.
It would take them a bit to hike the hill with their vehicles, so my dad loaded
up my kids, the dogs, the boys and their jeeps and he'd haul them up the hill in
his truck and then wait at the bottom for them to come flyin' down, and then do
it again. The pic just doesn't do it justice, so I left it out.

I laugh a little to myself when I hear someone complain that we live at a high
elevation here in Provo. Now, I know that according to cake and brownie box
instructions we do (over 3500 ft) at 4549 ft. but, Woodland Park is at 8437
and Divide 9165. Even Park City is less at 6900 ft. I forget every time, how
thin the air is up there!

This was on of our favorite roads to drive. We called it "roller coaster road."
It never got old to us, I guess I should ask a friend who lives off of it, since
they drive it everyday. Anyway, The kids love it too, they didn't want to stop.

Both Jon and I grew up with horses. Unfortunately our last beloved horse, Kisha,
died a few years ago. I wish the kids could have ridden her, only Evey ever did.
I rode in Gymkhanas as a kid about Evey's age. Gymkhanas are as wikipedia
defines them, "timed games for riders on horses." I raced keyhole, flag and Barrel
races. Kisha and I won quite a few ribbons (yes, 1st-3rd not just participation!)
I'm too embarrassed to post pictures of me! I was hot stuff in my "get-up"
*sarcastic whistle* But the kids enjoy pretending on my old saddle!
Paris got a hold of my cam and enjoyed taking her own pictures. She buggs
me often since to use the camera again. Looks like we'll have to get her one soon.

We walked around Manitou Springs one day, lots of fun shops! And, a stream running through it, which we of course had to play in!

I figure, once you've seen a kid playing in a park picture, you've seen them all, so,
since we went to a few different parks while there, I figured I'd make the pics a
little more entertaining.

The beginning of spring!

Play Park Above the Clouds is just about the best park in town. This is Paris'
first time crossing moving monkey bars.
I think they really are monkeys, it was the favorite thing to play on.

Evey was feeling pretty sick, so her pretty smile was hiding.

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