Thursday, April 22, 2010

Stepping stones

Wynn rolled over today!! I had her on the floor

on her belly and went to grab the camera because
Orion was giving her sweet kisses. Yeah, he was
done by the time I got back, but as I was adjusting
the shutter speed (which takes minimal seconds),
she did it. So easy!! I rolled her back over but this
only made her mad and so tummy time was over.
We'll try again tomorrow.

I haven't written about her other milestones lately.
She has been smiling since about 5 weeks, the cutest
little smiles. At first they were all for daddy, but
quickly expanded to anyone and everyone. She then
started "gooing" at about 6 weeks. Way too cute!!
It's almost like she is telling a story. She coos and
goos in response to everything you say to her, then
she'll give a little smile. Her eyes are so bright! I
have tried to capture this on video, but as soon as
I stick that thing in her face and she can't see mine,
it's over. Soon, soon!

She started laughing out loud a few weeks ago,
cutest little sound ...ever! Well at least since the
first little laughs of all our other cutie babies. She
is so interested in everything, and seems to really
be able to focus on things. She gets frustrated
when she can't make her arms and hands reach
out and grab what she wants. The kid seriously
tries so hard to crawl when on her belly. She
moves tiny amounts, but I'm sure she'll catch on
quick and then we'll be in trouble!! We've never
really had to "baby proof" our house, but, I'm
sensing a very curious little girl, and wondering
if the time has come.

With all the kids we have started them out in our
bed to sleep. This has worked so well for us. They
all start sleeping through the night around 2 or so
months. The same went for Winter. Then we make
the transition into the crib, they have all done so
well including Wynn. Her bed time is 9 on the dot.
I try to have the others in bed by 8 or 8:30, then
I nurse Wynn and she is out for the night. Even if
she goes to bed first, it's always right about 9, then
she sleeps until just before 6, the other day she
even slept until 7:30. She "calls" me by "ah,ah,ahing"
a few times. She doesn't cry. Then I grab her and
bring her back to bed with me to nurse her and she
goes back to sleep until around 8:30. Love that girl,
heaven knows I need all the sleep I can get!!

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