Saturday, July 24, 2010

Come Sail Away

Jon's dad has always loved to sail. He used to race
huge sail boats when he was younger. I always love
to hear the stories of their adventures in sailing,
and eating Bobo Breakfast and Bobo treats (Fig
Newton's and Reese's cups) I even got to go sailing
on Lake Dillon with Jon and his parents when we
were dating. Since living so near to Lake Ontario,
Jon's dad has gotten to do a lot more sailing. He
was even given a boat for his birthday and is loving
fixing it up and getting it water ready. He is also is
a director in the Sodus Bay Yacht Club, and so is
able to take out any of the SBYC boats whenever he
pleases. Jon and the kids go t to go with him a few
times and had a blast.

On Fridays he races a few of the other members of
the Yacht Club and so the kids and Jon were able to
be his crew for the race. They first put on brand new

They didn't win, but had fun anyway. Evey even got to
steer the boat back to the dock.

After the races Jon's parents eat at the yacht club. We
were invited to join them and meet all of their Yacht
club friends.

We snapped a few pictures before heading to dinner.

I love that you can see the 3 hair colors so well in this picture.
We are really hoping Winter's hair stays red. The 3 colors are
so cute!

Lex wasn't cooperating for an All Kids Picture. So I had
to snap one of just him.

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Drea said...

I know I say it WAY too often (and in the great scheme of things, it's really not that important) but you have the most beautiful kids! I agree-I love the pic with your little brunette, blonde and redhead! And Lex is looking so grown up lately! Gorgeous family!