Sunday, July 25, 2010


Along with living close to Lake Ontario, Jon's parents are
surrounded by orchards and farm land. They have a Mott's
(As in Applesauce and Juice) plant right there in the town
close by. The workers happened to be on strike at the time
so there were a lot of picketers along the highway. Anyway,
on Saturday we went to a farmers market of sorts. We
weaved through the farm country passing Amish farms,
horse drawn buggies and other fun stuff. The Market is
called the Windmill. It was a little bit like a Renaissance
Festival without all the Renaissance. There were different
booths with yummy foods, artisans selling their crafts and
farmers selling their crops. We ate some delicious food and
walked around even though it was raining a bit.

Paris and Lex decided the wanted lolly pops. Evey got some
fudge, DELISH! And Jon and I got some Fresh Asparagus.
Also delish later when we cooked it. I kept the cam put away
for the most part because of the rain, but snapped a couple
of the Lolly pops. We of course had to sing the song too....

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