Wednesday, July 28, 2010


I made these pettiskirts and shirts for the girls
to wear at Heather's wedding. They were pretty
upset they didn't get to be at the wedding and
so they wanted to dress like they would have,
hair and all, to show Grandma. Of course we
had to take pretty pictures! They were so cute
walking down the forest path, I decided to
make them beautiful fairies!

We had had all of our wedding clothes in carry-on,
just in case luggage was lost. So, when we missed
the flight and went home, we took all of our
wedding clothes out, except the girls insisted on
bringing their dresses. So, Lex's cute suit outfit got
left at home and when we dressed up the girls,
we didn't have his stuff....
But he wanted to be in pictures too.

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Lacy said...

Love those dresses, they're so cute. And the girls' hair is too. I'm still working on my braiding! Great pictures. I especially love the one of all three girls.