Saturday, July 31, 2010

Never a Dull moment and Homeward bound

As I said before, there was never a dull moment on our visit.
We didn't spend as much time with the goats as we have in
the past, but we did have to at least say hi. The goats are
pretty timid to visitors, but the kids all did really great. The
goats let them pet them and didn't run off at all. Last time
we were visiting we got to bottle feed a baby goat and so it
was fun this time to see how big she had gotten

We did get pretty munched on though and had to make sure
we washed of with grandpa's special poison ivy wash. Notice
Lex had no shoes on. What a great mom I am! Ehh, he's fine
and as Jon would say, it builds character.
The kids all brought their mits so they could play some ball.
Evey worked on her pitching. I've gotta say, she has pretty
good form and some power behind those balls. I think she'll
be ready for next season.

Grandma went out an bought them a bat, because we couldn't
fit that in our luggage
This was one of my favorite things. Building fires to roast

Grandpa is a master Mallow roaster!! They are perfectly
golden and toasty.

Grandma got some glow necklaces. We had fun taking
long exposure pics..

and Paris.
There were also a bazillion fire flies out, I guess there
are more than normal this year. It was fun to watch
them. I'm not sure why we didn't try to go catch some,
and when I tried to take some pictures, they just weren't
coming out.

Grandpa got a pack of Mentos, a Mentos Dropper thing
and a bottle of Diet soda for fathers day, so we had to try it out...

We flew out on a Tuesday morning. And, we made our flight!!
Even after a stop to Grandpa's work to meet some associates!
We even had time in the airport to be Deputized by a few cops
and security people. It was kind fun, the kids had to raise their
right hands and say a pledge and take an oath. And then they
were given a badge.

Model citizen and future pilot?

We had a layover in JFK again. We spend an arm and a leg
on food, but got yummy Famiglia pizza and garlic knots. It
totally made me miss the city! We also got I ♥ NY shirts. We
had wanted to get them the whole time we lived in NY, but
never did. So, even though the airport charges 2 x as much as
a street vendor on Canal, we got a few.

There were a Crap ton of kids and families on our flight
to SLC. The pilot announced this was the fullest flight he had
ever flown. The seats were filled to capacity PLUS there were 10
lap infants, which pushed it over for him. On our one trip to the
restroom I asked one of the stewards if this was normal. He said
that flights to SLC always had a lot of kids. Leave it to us LDS
families! Our kids did so good and actually most of the kids did
good, it wasn't too incredibly loud and since it was a lot of families,
I'm sure they didn't mind the little bit of noise either. I did feel
bad for the few business men and others flying alone, surrounded
by kids and babies. There was only one MOM that drove everyone
nuts. She let her kid run up and down the isle and she would follow
making it impossible for everyone else to get up and go down the
isle or the stewards to get through. I tried REALLY hard not to think
bad thoughts of her for not controlling her kid like everyone else
on the flight (a few did slip in though!).
Since they were going to be awake for this trip we had decided
we would buy an in flight movie. 6 bucks times 3 geesh! We
could have bought the Blu Ray Dvd combo and some popcorn
for that, okay not really. Unfortunately the one they wanted
(How to Train Your Dragon. So good!! We had seen it in the
theater before we left) was on the second half of the flight. But
they were perfect little angels. Evey took care of Paris and Lex
and told the stewardess what they wanted and cleaned up their
trash. She's so wonderful! Jon and I sat together with quite little

We had a really great trip and had a ton of fun with Grandma and
Grandpa. It still pains us to think that we missed Heather's big day,
and actually I learned a lesson in faith from the whole experience.
Just real quick...

When we started to hit traffic that night, both Jon and I started to
say little prayers that we would make the flight. When it was
obvious we were going to miss it, I had a feeling I should check the
flight status BEFORE I talked to an agent to see what we needed
to do. When I did and it said the flight was delayed, our little
prayers had been answered. But, I didn't have faith and decided to
talk to a person, who ultimately caused us to actually miss the
flight. I listened but didn't have faith, Lesson learned.

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