Wednesday, July 28, 2010

So much to do

There really is so much to do at Grandma and
Grandpa's house. They have a great setup for
grandkids to come play. I don't think I heard
the kids say once that they were bored or ask
what they could do, they just always had

Paris always wanted to catch frogs. There are
millions near the stream running close to the
house, but I never got a chance to take her
down there, in grubby clothes, to catch a few
(we would be eaten alive by the buggies too)
We did get to hold a couple though. There
was one in the yard that I caught, holding
Winter I might add. Yeah, I think I'm a stud.
And one that Grandpa found cornered in the
hose box.

He must have liked Paris because he didn't even
try to jump out of her hands

She tried to show daddy, but he was trying to get
the remote controlled helicopter to fly.

They loved playing in the water. It's awesome because
Grandma and Grandpa have both a hot and cold faucet
connected to the hose so the kids had warm water to
play in.

There were lots of pretty things in bloom. I have no
idea what this is...but I like it!

The raspberries weren't quite ready yet, but they picked
the ones that were. Tasty!

Paris and her "treasures"

Grandma's bubble machine was so cool.
Gazillions of bubbles!

And of course dogs. And goats, which I'll post later.

The marbles were one of Lex's favorite things...
endless hours of marbles! He was also without
his beloved Wii while we were there, but luckily
Grandma had gotten a "wii type thing" as Lex
called it, that had different sports. It was a great

The kids also loved riding with Grandpa out
into the forest on his ATV to set up his motion
detector camera that would get pictures of
wildlife. And being caught in a rainstorm on the
way back. They were drenched in a matter of seconds!

They also enjoyed holding Blue the hamster.
He's so cute. Lex would like me to add that one
time when they were playing with him, he crawled
up Lex's shorts and it tickled!

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