Tuesday, July 13, 2010


One of our favorite things to do when visiting Grandma
and Grandpa is go to The Strong Museum of Play. They
had many added rooms of fun stuff this time.

This little room was for kids 6 and above because it
almost made you sick because of the optical illusion.
It was just one little room built on a 45 degree, or so,
angle. It was weird because your brain thought you
should be vertical with the stripes in the room, but
gravity said otherwise. Notice the padding on the
right side of the picture, it was very hard not to slam
into it. It was such a weird feeling, the picture just
doesn't do it justice. Evey had to battle gravity to
pose, before hitting the pads again.

Grandpa and Lex

This was another illusion room, we had to do many combinations...

Cousins on Sesame Street!

BRACE FOR IMPACT!! I don't think I would want captain
Evey for my pilot!

There were so many fun things to do, the kids rode a little
train, put on a play, landed a miniature hot air balloon,
solved clues, and...Climbed buildings?

This was a new area. A Super Hero area.
Oooh, Lex and Jon loved that! But Paris was having a great
time climbing the building like Spiderman.

Lex needed a little boost. Spiderdaddy was happy to help.

Dawn Treader?....I'm not sure. It was Storybookland or
Bookville, or something to do with books and reading. This was
also a new area, but we didn't get too stay long because
the last showing of the Butterflies was quickly approaching.

At first glance I thought this was Wizards Chess
(from Harry Potter for all yous guys who may not
know what that is), but then I realized it was the
giant's lair from Jack and the Beanstalk. There was
a harp and a huge Connect Four game because, ya
know, in the story the giant says, "Fee, fie, foe, fess.
I want to play Connect Four and Chess"
(I'm really sorry I couldn't help myself...I'm a dork!)

So, we walk in the door to the Butterfly atrium, and first
thing a big butterfly lands on Winters head. So pretty,
but my camera hadn't adjusted to the massive overload
of humidity, so the lens was fogged up and I didn't want to
stop snapping pictures and clear it for fear of the butterfly
taking off again. It actually stayed for quite a while.

And Wynn didn't seem to mind at all.

The illusive Blue Morpho Butterfly. There were a ton,
but as soon as they landed they would close their wings
and the other side is only brown. I took a million shots
trying to get one with its wings open, and this is about
the best I could do! Sad day in sweaty butterfly land.

And, of course, they had to ride the carousel.

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