Friday, August 13, 2010


Last night there were some beautiful things happening

in the night sky. We had just come out of the movie
theater and were walking to the van admiring the beauty
of the stars, when we saw a meteor.
It reminded Jon and Evey that they had been wanting to
watch the Perseid meteor shower. They were excited to
get home to lay out on the tramp and watch such an
amazing event. We had missed the eclipse earlier in the
summer. It was not visible from New York where we were,
but it was visible here in Utah. We had heard it was pretty cool.

On our way home from the theater at about 9:30 the moon

was amazing. It was a waxing crescent and it was setting
just on the western horizon so it was huge and beautiful. I
wish I would have had my camera. We commented that it
was just like the Dreamworks logo,
it was on the brain, we
had just seen Shrek Forever After.

It ended up that the best time to see the Meteor shower
was between 3 and 4am when there would be about
70-80 per hour. Earlier it is only a stray one every now
and then. So Evey's hopes of laying on the tramp were
crushed. So, we decided we would set an alarm and get
up at 3 to watch the peak....

3am we were rudely awakened by the beeping alarm.
We debated whether or not to get up or just go back to
sleep. I grudgingly decided to just do it, the girls had
been really excited to see it. I went outside and stared
at the sky. It was wonderfully brisk. Not hot, not cold,
just perfect, but tired eyes play tricks, so I wasn't sure
if I was really seeing any. Jon came out and saw a few
and then I saw one and was excited to wake the girls.
Paris was excited to wish on a shooting star. So we got
them up, wrapped them in blankets and brought them out.
The tramp was drenched from morning precipitation, so
we all laid on the pic-nic table and looked at the clear night
sky. Jon and I kind of wished we still lived in the boonies in
the mountains where no city lights glare in the sky,
just pure black, and millions of shining stars.

Evey was able to see quite a few, but Paris was having a hard
time staying awake. Then there was a really big one with a
long tail, she was so happy she got to see it. It was truly

amazing. We were glad we made ourselves get up to admire
the beauty round us.

We didn't stay out too long, the sprinklers turn on at 4 and so
to avoid that fun, we went back in and got a few more hours of sleep.

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Lacy said...

Fun! I saw a few here the other night, but couldn't stay awake for the rest.