Monday, August 9, 2010

Everyone's a critic

Some may think it's a compulsion, others might

call it an obsession, maybe even an addiction...
We prefer to refer to it as a Family Hobby.

My Family ( The Knights) have always been movie
people. I remember reorganizing the movie collection
often. We always had some sort of list that was
constantly being updated. When a local movie rental
store upgraded their cases, we jumped and purchased
all of their old hard covers (this is VHS I'm talking
about....OooooLD!) That was a fun time making labels
and reorganizing AGAIN. We had all sorts of movies.
I loved being scared as a kid, weird I know, so some of
my favorite movies included Krull, Legend (remember
Tom Cruise in that? He was so pretty!)
Dune, and Gremlins.
Don't get me wrong I liked happier stuff to,
like Annie and Howard the Duck.
Is it criminal to put those two movies in the same
sentence? Ehh, I loved them both. I don't, however,
like movies that make me cry!! And that is why to
this day, I HATE chick flicks and animal movies.

When I started dating Jon, our favorite dates were to see
movies. He had never really been a huge movie person,
except for the black and white ones with Gene Kelly, Fred
Astare, and Ginger Rogers, that he watched with his mom.
He was well versed in TV shows though. Anyway, he came
over to the darkside....HAHAHA. And found a favorite
or series of movies....or rather book, action figure,
memorabilia, happy meal toy......on and on and on....cup
topper....snore..... movie collection. Actually our first date
was to see the newly re-released Special edition Star Wars,
I would like to think he liked me and our first date so much
he wanted to remember it forever and always by collecting
as much Star Wars stuff as he could. I have that effect on
people!! Anyway, we have now made our own little family
of movie watchers.

Much to our delight our movie collection has become quite
extensive and we have even become the neighborhood movie
rental, which we love. It's fun to share!! Lindseyflix
as we would like to be called, but actually we rent from

My little brother has a much bigger collection of grown up
movies. No, not dirty ones!! Get your mind out of the gutter!
Just ones not for the little ones. Our collection is a lot family
and kids movies.

Our family, Knights, use a lot of movie quoting
as part of our normal speech patterns. Some of the most
quoted movies...Monty Python and the Holy Grail,
Dumb and Dumber, Ferris Bueller's Day Off, and
Breakfast Club. Usually,if it's not a commonly used quote,
right after it is said, someone will shout out the movie.
This is something that Paris has become a pro at.
She is the master quoter, and of course character voices
are used. She is so funny, she only has to see a movie once to be
able to quote it perfectly. Silly girl! The other kids are quite
proficient at it too. Some of the most quoted now in our family:
Emporer's New Groove, Zoolander, Shrek, Elf, and of course
the Holy Grail (I'm not sure if quoting that movie will ever get old)

We are also pretty knowledgeable of actors, directors, and composers.
One of our favorite road trip games is called "The Movie Game"
original I know. It's a bit like the Kevin Bacon game, except one
person starts by naming a movie, the next person has to name
an actor in that movie, the next person has to name another
movie that actor has been in, the next an actor from that 2nd
movie, and so on until someone is stumped, then a point is earned
for the stumper. We also play another one where we name two
actors and have to connect them through other actors and movies.
Example: Gerard Butler (Ooo hunka-hunka!!)
and Bonnie Hunt.
Can you do it? Evey is getting quite good at playing with us and
knows more actors names than most 10 year olds should!

Lex has his niche too. He is an expert movie song pointer outer.
Whether it be something on the radio, or a soundtrack that
someone happens to be listening to, he says, "That's from
(insert totally awesome movie)"

As I mentioned earlier, Jon and I love going to movies in
the theater and have loved sharing this with our kids.
They are perfect movie kids!! I have only ever missed
one scene of a movie because I had to take a kid out. It
was baby Lex when we went to see The Lion the Witch
and the Wardrobe. Jon hasn't missed anything either...
except when we're late, we gotta have the popcorn!

We always have our lists of movies we want to see for
the year. This year we have done pretty well...

Movies Seen in the theater as a family in 2010:
Percy Jackson
How to Train Your Dragon

Iron Man 2
Toy Story 3
Last Air Bender
Despicable Me
Sorcerer's Apprentice

Date Night movies:
Sherlock Holmes
Clash of the Titans
Date Night
Eclipse (Mom and me Date)


Some of the movies we missed we either rented
from red box and/or bought, like Alice in Wonderland.
Purchased and happily sitting in the movie cabinet
(when it's not being watched, it's a favorite)

Others like Book of Eli, Losers, Legion and Lovely Bones
we rented from Kurt-buster.

A few of the others ( Shrek 4, Robin Hood and Prince of Persia)
aren't out on Blu Ray yet, but that's what the dollar theater
is for!! Ya can't beat 50 cent Tuesday, or $5 for the whole family
on Monday.

We are rather easy to please when it comes to movies.
We try not to expect too much from books made into
movies, we understand things will be missing and little
things have to change, it's a whole different medium than
books. As far as movies "not being realistic", isn't that
what movies are for?

As long as the story is good we are
generally happy. But, like I said...
Everyone's a critic.

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Lacy said...

We like movies too and are finally finding some more time for them. The girls love the new Alice in Wonderland. It was hilarious, when the Hatter threw his hat across the river with Alice on it, Ryan began yelling hysterically; "NO, no, no Alice!! Alice!!" I had to calm her down and tell her that Alice was okay, it was so cute!

Buell Fam said...

You guys are too much fun! Do you have any Disney Princess movies we can borrow from Lindseyflix?