Friday, September 24, 2010

Climb Every....Rock

We took a quick little trip to Colorado over Memorial
weekend. Weather permitting we enjoy taking family
hikes. The weather was beautiful!! So we went to Red
Rocks, a rock formation in the middle of the national
forest. Jon and I were frequent visitors to Red Rocks
in high school and Kevin proposed to Abby while
climbing the rocks there, but Mom, Dad, Kurt, and our
kids hadn't ever been.

A lot of our hike required climbing and helping each
other through cracks or hoisting some one up and
always keeping a hand on whoever was carrying the baby.

Paris got a little scratch right away and was whining a little bit, but soon learned
how to suck it up because we all ended up with a few scrapes and bruises.

Kurt's inner stunt-man came out and he was jumping and climbing everything in sight.

Fire Hair!!

This was the only way up to the top for the little ones...

...But the view is well worth the trouble!

Yeah I should have been up there at the top, but then who would have taken the

Lex really had a great time exploring. He is generally a cautious little guy, but
for some reason climbing the rocks didn't scare him a bit. He was fearless, we
need to get him out on some rocks more often!

During our hike we decided this would be a great area to shoot a music video,
but I had left the video camera in the van, so we decided we would come back
the next day to shoot some footage. I only have a couple pictures from our
second adventure, since the video cam was what I used, but both trips Winter
fell asleep on someone.

The video footage came out great, now I just need to edit it. That will come some
time in the future, not enough time right now

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Drea said...

LOVE the pictures! It looks like you guys had a lot of fun!