Saturday, September 25, 2010


A beautiful sun rise for the birthday boy!!

We always make the birthday person their favorite breakfast, which
is crepes for most everybody.
Crepes and a few presents, not a bad start to the day!

Breakfast Lex style.

While Lex tried out a new Wii game, Winter was up and ready to
cause some trouble, as usual.

Even though it was a Thursday, the girls had a half day of school,
and so we decided to go try out a little family fun center. Lex was
excited to play mini golf and laser tag.

Originally it opened as Liberty Land, so there is a theme through out.

Lex was a pro, just like he is at every other sport. He did remind me a little of
Happy Gillmore though, he had a hard time just tapping it in. He wanted to
power swing most of the time.

We wanted to make sure we had enough time for everything so we didn't finish
all 18 holes of golf. The climbing wall was next on Lex's agenda...
There was only one other little boy there at the climbing wall, so they were all
able to climb as many times as they wanted. Lex and Paris had fun climbing just
high enough that when they let go it was a fun ride down.

Laser tag was awesome, so I heard, I din't get to go in because
I had to stay out with Wynn. Apparently it was quite huge and
Lex was very proud of himself that he got one of the guys on
the other team.

Then we went back outside and rode the roller coaster a
few times. And then came BACK in and rode some of the
other indoor rides. This was their favorite.

They were anxious to get in the bumper boats even though it was a
little chilly out. Evey was pretty excited she got to drive.

Winter really wished she could ride too.

A water battle under the Statue of Liberty!

Really, REALLY, wished she could play with everyone!

One more ride on their indoor favorites before we headed
off to Lex's soccer game.

And, would you believe we did all of this for Freeeeee.......good
'cause it wasn't. We paid a small fee of 35 dollars each for all of
this fun. But not just for today, for the whole year. Yep unlimited
mini golf, rollercoaster, laser tag, bumper boats, rides, climbing
wall....and that's not all; a season pass to 7 Peaks for next year,
AND an unlimited pass to another fun center with more mini
golf, and batting cages!!! What a deal! So, it felt like the whole
day was free, and that is good for me!!

Lex has LOVED playing soccer this year. He just gets it and
is such a great player, and is always so happy. He cheers for
his team when he is taking a rest (really loud!) and once the
game is over he starts asking me how many sleeps there are
until his next game. He really looks forward to Thursdays!

The long standing family rule is that if you get a goal, everyone
gets ice cream. So, Thursdays we are generally out for ice cream,
and there was no disappointment, on his birthday!!

Since we decided to go to the fun center, I didn't have time to
make him a cake. We were going to grab one from a bakery,
but Lex decided that instead of getting a cake and getting ice
cream, he would combine the two and get an ice cream cake
from Coldstone. He also got to choose dinner, so we had a fun
little party with Grammy, Kurt, more presents, Costco
Pepperoni Pizza (his fave) and a cookie dough ice cream cake.

It's fun to turn 5!!

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