Monday, September 27, 2010

On the Payroll

Evey got another job singing for someone for their album.
She was suggested by our wonderful neighbor who is in
with a bunch of recording artists, and told them how good
Evey is. We're not sure on the details of when the record will
be released and we don't have a "working" copy of the song yet.
But it is a song from the Children's Song book, Mother Tell Me the Story.
She sings with the lady who is recording, although she didn't
actually sing with her- tricks of the recording world.

I love all the instruments in the studio!!

A few notes from Brian.

And Guy works his magic on the sound board.
She was excited that she was paid with a check this time.
So grown up!
Here is the link to her other song and it has a link to where
you can buy the song.

I will get this one up as soon as I get the "working" copy!!

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