Monday, September 27, 2010

Kick it!

I figured since I have already posted about Lex and his
awesome soccer abilities, I should let you know that Evey
and Paris are playing too.

Evey is having a ton more fun this year. She is actually to
the age level where the girls start caring about playing as
opposed to their moms making them play. Evey has always
loved playing and is actually thinking about trying out for
the competitive team-rather than just park and rec. I'm
all for it, I played competitive starting about 5th grade
and had a blast!

This girl was at least a foot and a half taller than Evey,
but Evey had no problem taking the ball from her!

Paris has been a different story this season. We are
one of the parents forcing their kids to play. She
does well when she feels like it, and so I know she
has the ability, but her mind is just on other things.
We'll make her play a few more seasons, and if she
doesn't warm up we'll think about dropping it. She
has expressed interest in hockey, so that could be
an option. But she loves T-ball and it's really only
this season that she has said she doesn't want to
play soccer (it kills me!!), so we'll just give it some
time and work with her in the off seasons.

She did have fun playing goalie a few times and
expresses to her coach she would like to do that more,
but he doesn't really pay attention to her.
Maybe that's the problem...


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