Thursday, October 28, 2010


Saturday was our Ward Halloween Carnival.
I actually had the costumes done!! Amazing.
Jon was supposed to be there since we are on
the activities committee, but he couldn't get off,
BOO!! But, mom was at the house to help me sew
Tristan's costume, so she helped me finish up
making chili while I got the kids in their costumes.
So, I took 6 kids (Evey's BFF and sister tagged along),
a pot of chili and a pan of corn bread, and an iHome
and iPod -for music- to the party. The kids had fun, they
just went on their own and visited all the booths
and Winter and I manned the cookie (cake)walk. I had a lot
of fun making all the contestants walk in funky ways,
generally to do with some of the costumes in the circle.
My favorites were walking like Mrs. Capt. Jack Sparrow,
and like a saddle sore cowboy! To bad the camera didn't
make it in to my armful of things we brought in. So, you
just have to imagine all the fun we had!


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