Wednesday, November 3, 2010


Halloween week is always filled with so much fun!
The girls wear their costumes and do an in class
"show" for us moms.
Evey danced Thriller in both Jazz classes but didn't
get to do one in ballet because they are getting ready
for a real show.
Paris did two different Monster Mash dances, one with
Ballet and one with Jazz
Wednesday after Paris' dance we decided to go to a
Halloween party at the skating rink.  It was a free
skate night for Evey's BFF's school, so we got in free
too. They allow you to bring your scooter if you don't
want to skate, so Paris and Lex brought theirs, which
made it much easier for me!!!  They only got to stay a
little while because we were having our pumpkin
carving party that night too. Just as we were about to
leave they announced a costume contest. The kids
really wanted to stay so we did. Good thing too, both
Lex and Paris won first place in their age groups and
some how Evey missed the judging, but we know she
would have won, there were only a few her age dressed
up, and none of them super awesome ( I guess I'm a
LITTLE bias......but really!!!)

After the kids collected their prizes we zoomed off to
carve pun-kins. Winter enjoyed playing with the goop.

Kurt got a little violent....poor, poor, pumpkin.

Paris was very determined to carve hers all on her own.

I think she did a fantastic job!!! No help from any one!!

Evey actually had Activity days (youth group) after skating,
so she joined the party a little late, but, wasted no time. She
designed and carved her pumpkin like a pro.

Winter and kurt needed a little more pizza after all those
pumpkin guts!

Winter-saurus didn't want to let me take a picture of Lex,
who didn't want his picture taken while carving.

We watch The Great Pumpkin and Garfield's Halloween
(my favorite!!) while carving. They're oldies but goodies.

Tristan was very proud of his pumpkin, and wonders who
"gets it?"

I love that Orion is in the window!!

Friday they all got to wear there costumes again
for the school costume parade.
Saturday was Trick-or-Treat day here in Utah Valley.
The morning was nice and I even had a photo shoot
that it was perfect weather for, but then it turned bad
and rained like crazy until 6 pm.  Absolutely perfect
timing, the rain quit and it was a gorgeous evening,
not too cold for all the little trick-or-treaters.

Evey had invited a few friends to come eat Pizza before
Trick-or-Treating, and then come back for hot cider
and Hot chocolate.  This was her first time
trick-or-Treating with out parents. They had a ton
of fun, in sounds like.

Both Jon and I took Paris,
Lex and Winter out while my mom stayed back to
answer our door. Winter loved yelling for her brother
and sister to wait for us, mommy and daddy didn't run
like they did and that was not acceptable. She had a lot
of fun. Sometimes we didn't take her all the way to the
door, because there were too many kids, but Paris made
sure to get her a piece of candy.

She's not sleeping, I just wasn't too concerned with picture at the moment

Then we all met back at home
and doorbell ditched Mom,
had some hot chocolate and ate
TOO much candy!!!

Candy, candy, candy!!!!

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