Tuesday, November 9, 2010

All I Want for Christmas...

Paris has had two loose front teeth for a awhile now.
Recently they have gotten super loose, and so she has
been letting me give them one tug per day. Tonight
when I went to give them their daily tug, I made sure
I had a good grip and then gave one a quick yank. I held
the tooth in my hand while she gave her normal
"owwww" then she used her tongue to wiggle it...
but it was gone!! She thought it was pretty funny when I
showed her the tooth in my hand. We all had fun screaming
with excitement. Then I told her it was the other tooth's turn
for it's daily yank, "ya never know, you might get double
pay from the tooth fairy tonight" I told her. She was pretty
anxious to let me try and was a trooper as I pulled pretty hard,
it popped a little bit, but didn't come out. She tried herself a
couple times, and then was determined to have me pull it again.
I got my good grip and then hid the tooth in my hand again as
she went through the same motion of whining because it hurt,
feeling the space and then screaming with joy. Evey and Lex
were screaming and laughing right along with her. It was so funny.
And Winter was just wondering what was going on. Paris is excited
for her visit from the tooth fairy tonight and the $7 she hopes will be
in place of the two teeth.


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Lacy said...

Cute! Hayley is sporting that same look!