Friday, November 12, 2010

Huge Pile!

We make it a point every year to jump in a huge pile of leaves.
As I'm sure I've said every year, we have a lot of leaves at our
house, but, Ty (Kurt's old roomy) has two massive trees that
drop tons of leaves, so we go rake a big pile and have a blast.
The pile this year wasn't near as big as last year, I think Ty
must have already picked some up, BUT usually when we
jump they are all dry and crunchy and get in your undies!!!
So, this year, since we've actually had some precipitation,
they were However, it was much colder this time,
and so we had to bundle a little bit.

Paris was very willing to help rake the pile and
started as soon as she stepped out of the car

Evey was cold and sat in the van for a few
minutes until she heard the "no help, no jump" rule.
What a biiig handful!! Psh!

Not sure Lex cared about the rule.
He wasn't intentionally giving me the bird, I promise!!
He did come help though, so he could jump.

No fear!

No high flying for Wynn ...yet!

We had a Ton. Of. Fun!


2 Pennies for your thoughts:

Drea said...

It looks like a blast! And I love the last pic of your cute family!

Lacy said...

I've been wanting to get a leaf picture, it just keeps raining too much. Hopefully soon! Looks like you guys had a lot of fun! Love the pictures.