Wednesday, November 3, 2010


This is what consumed my thoughts and late evening spare energy
for the past few weeks. Paris was the originator of the Greek theme.
She had been wanting to be Medusa. Evey wanted to be Alice
(from the new movie) in her red dress, and Lex didn't know what
he wanted to be. I suggested it would be fun to all be greek and
Evey jumped on board right away.  We thought Athena would
suit her the best. Then we had to convince Lex to be Perseus.
He didn't really like the idea, even after seeing Clash of the Titans.
It wasn't until we found a sword and shield that he got excited.
I looked for patterns for something but found nothing, so I turned
to the internet and based all of the costumes off pictures, some
paintings and others movie snapshots.

I used patterns that I already had but altered them,
for Evey Winter and Lex's tunic. Otherwise it's all
no pattern. Lex's armor was what I pondered for a
really long time, how was I going to get it to look
realistic. I had originally planned on using fabric,
but found another way, that I think came out really
good. We painted a lot of snakes and made Paris
crown, and then I had to ponder Evey's shield for a
while. I wanted it to look a certain way and without
Medusa's head (I don't know maybe we could have
figured out how to mount Paris' head on her shield)
But it all came together finally.  We also had to decide
who Winter was going to be and after a little bit of
research I decided she would be Hebe the goddess of
youth. It also worked because both Athena and
Perseus are children of Zeus and so is Hebe, so We
had wanted Jon to be Zeus and I would be Hera, but......
I kind of  had a feeling I wouldn't get to those.
And I was right, and here's why,

Jon's friend Tristan from work, who has adopted our family
as his own (he's here every week for dinner and at most other
special occasions), asked me to help him make a Commodus
costume. He was planning on spending a good bit of money
on it and wanted it to last years. I agreed (Like I need more
things to do! But, I seriously didn't think it would take as
long as it did, and what can I say, I'm a nice person-Jon
and mom, quit laughing!!!) Anyway, he designed it all,
looking at pictures and spent nearly 40 hours here, over the
last 3 weeks cutting and working it all out. He was actually
here more waking hours than Jon! CRAZY!
Anyway, with the 4 costumes I was
already sewing and the 4 kids who reside in the house, and
the hubby that's here every now and then and the chores
(neglected!) Mom decided she could spend some time and
help me out. She spent 19 or so hours sewing the piping on
each of the pieces. LIFESAVER!!!!!
All in all between the 3 of us we spent over 75 hours on this
thing. I turned out great though! And I'm pretty sure Tristan
was happy about it, he couldn't stop looking at him self in the
mirror!!! hehehe He also won first place in a costume contest
and gave his winnings to mom and I. He is also being required
to help sand and refinish my kitchen table....
Before Thanksgiving!
Here's the picture he used to base his design off of.

Whew! I'm pooped!!! NEXT.....


2 Pennies for your thoughts:

Lacy said...

Those costumes were awesome Amy. You did an amazing job.

Drea said...

I love the idea, I love the costumes and I LOVE the pictures! You are so creative and talented!