Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Thankful Tree

I have been wanting to do a "Thankful Tree"
for a few years now, and look at me,
I'm finally doing it.

We started on the
first day of November and had planned on
putting one up everyday in the month,
but sometimes we had more to be thankful
for that day, and other times we forgot
to put up a leaf. But it has turned out well,
we have really had a lot of fun sharing the
things we are thankful for. We even come up
with things we think Winter is thankful for.

Sometimes we are thankful for silly things
( burritos, Wii ), sometimes it's something
meaningful (family, laughter, silence).
I was so proud on that first day though,
when I asked Lex what he was thankful for,
without hesitation he said, "Jesus!"

Aww, what a good boy!
We have really loved this and I hope to
make it a tradition.


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