Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Together We Can...

The girls love to participate in Reflections every year.
 Reflections is an artistic competition that is put on by
the national PTA. Students are given a theme and then
judged on their creativity, originality, and quality of work.
It starts at the school level, winners move to city level and
so on until there is a national judging. There are 9 different
categories. The girls always seem to procrastinate
( I wonder where they get that!!!) but always seem to get
some sort of recognition. I am on the Reflections Committee,
so I help advertise and inform students and sort and make
sure all information is right on the entries and then we put
on an assembly to recognize the winners. The judges we
get are people who have no connection to or bias toward any of the kids
at school. A few of the categories are judged by high school
classes, and others by BYU or UVU professors. This year
as with the previous years, the girls waited until the last
minute to complete their entries. They each entered a dance,
and then Evey wrote something for the literature category
and Paris made a collage with fallen leaves and crayon shavings.
Somehow they won something for each of their entries.
They both won and received trophies and will be moving to city
level for their dances, Evey got an honorable mention (2nd place)
for her poem, and Paris received an Outstanding achievement
(3rd place) for her Visual Art. What can I say, I have talented kids!!
Congratulations Evey and Paris, We are so proud of you!


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