Wednesday, December 22, 2010

A Thanksgiving story.

Our Thanksgiving was filled with adventure, horror, Joy, and Happiness.
Get cozy and I will tell you the tale of Thanksgiving 2010.

It all started on Tuesday, when travelers coming from
surrounding states started their treks to our house.
My mom had left Utah on Monday night to pick up my
Grandma in Idaho and bring her back here.  They started
their 3 1/2 hour drive back on Tuesday morning and the trip
was immediately hindered by blowing snow and ice
( my Grandma's worst nightmare!) The highway into Utah
was closed and so they had to make their way a longer more
round about way.  We watched here at home the weather and
road conditions, praying for their safety.  My sister and future
bro-in-law had also started their trip from Colorado, we were
watching their road conditions too. Here in Utah we were being
warned of an impending, Hazardous, apocalyptic blizzard, up to
4 inches!!!!! (as most of you know this is nothing for us that have
lived in the Colorado mountains!) We were warned to be ready to
check on the elderly and single mothers in our neighbor hood in
case of power outages and to not travel at all to stay home and keep
warm.  So that is what I did, Jon had to work. I watched from my
warm house on my computer screen as this massive storm  followed
my mom and Grandma out of Idaho.  They drove the entire length,
in zero visibility.  My sister escaped the storm and made her 7 hour trip,
and beat my mom home. As we waited for the storm to hit us, we kept
getting updates from my mom and Grandma of the severity of the storm
and the lack of snow plows on the road. After a 10 1/2 hour drive, they
finally made it in one piece. We were so thankful for their safe trip.
However, the apocalyptic blizzard never hit our area, we didn't even get
a single snow flurry. It decided to only hit my moms car and follow her.
Kinda like in Truman Show, isolated snow storm directly over Mom and

The next day my uncle flew in from San Fran and Kami and
Josh drove from CO.  We were thankful for no delays or snow storms.

On Thursday, we woke up and started our traditions with the Macey's Parade...

...Some sleeping...

...and pie making accompanied by a game of chess...

...More Parade and chess...

...Parade Live on the computer...

...And FOOTBALL!!!!

That's Jon's way of telling me he loves me!! 

This was the boys 3 on 3 game. No Girls allowed!

It was pretty slick out there without cleats!
Notice the lack of snow from the blizzard!!

Football is fun, but playground is better, right Paris?!


Paris, liked street ball better. And so did Winter!

She wanted to be right in the action.

She even helped Daddy score a ...


We also had to have a little bit of Wii competition... (Lex won!)

...And Killer Bunnies

Dinner was lovely and delicious as usual thanks to everyone's help.
We barely had room for everyone this year and are looking
forward to being in a hopefully bigger house to accommodate
the growing family next year
( we had 14 people (we missed some of you!!!),
and expect more next year).
We are so grateful for the things we've been given
and for our family and friends.
There is more to the story of homeward travel,
but it end is a little too sad, for my bank account!!!
So I will end here.


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Jessica Munk said...

Sounds like a great time! I'm glad everyone got there safely! I miss you guys! It was weird to see the old house in there...and a bigger house next year...what does that mean?!