Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Tree Hunting

Oh, how I wish we could do some real tree hunting out in the forest
and cut our own tree again, but it has eluded us in recent years.
I haven't really minded tree lot hunting though because the trees
are bigger and greener and fuller than any Utah National Forest tree
we are allowed to cut.  Our favorite lot for the past few years imports
these trees from Oregon, and they are perfect!

We bought our tree the Tuesday before Thanksgiving, so that we could
have it lit and ready for decorating right after dinner on Thursday.  We
ended up being the first customers of the season.  We had first pick, and
it took us all of a minute and a half to find the perfect tree! And, because
the guy wasn't really ready for customers yet, he didn't have the trees
tagged with prices yet, and so I think he ended up giving us a really
great deal!!

Lex decided, as usual, he didn't want to be in any pictures.

I really tried hard to get him though.

He ended up hiding in my shirt to escape the camera. Rotten!


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