Monday, January 24, 2011


Winter turned 1 year old on Tuesday! We celebrated on
Monday because it was MLK day and the girls didn't
have school. And that was the best time to get the extended
fam together.  We had the traditional spaghetti dinner, which
somehow all one year olds LOVE.  Winter loves the
Muppets and will go pick out only the Muppet movie
dvds just to look at them. She even says "ker" for Kermet.
Unfortunately there is no merchandise to be found in stores,
and it's slim pickin's online. There's a few out there, but we
didn't order in time for her birthday, but it's okay, she wasn't
hurtin' for presents. Anyway, I made her a Muppet cake,
and that was good enough for her!

She pointed to each character and was pretty excited.
We tried to practice the blowing thing before hand,
but she just didn't have enough to blow out the candle.
Luckily she had many helpers for that!

Orion was waiting patiently for his share of the cake.

She pulled off each character, tasted them and
then handed them off so she could get to the better stuff.

This is how she tells us she's "All done"

She had plenty of help unwrapping too!

She got so excited she started signing "eat" and "more"
until she got another present to open. We're working more on "please"
I just realized, that I'm telling how excited she was,
but in all the pics she's not smiling. Apparently I caught her at intense moments.
She would also squint a little because I kept flashing her.
Camera flash!

Such funny kids!

I guess the flash was pretty bright. Paris and Lex's expressions make me laugh.

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Drea said...

I kept meaning to leave a happy birthday comment but...never got around to it. Shocking, I know. I can't believe Winter is already one! Time sure flies! I loved all the messy cake pictures--thanks for sharing!