Friday, January 21, 2011

Memory Test

Paris wanted to participate in the science fair at school.
We went through a lot of ideas and when I told her about one
I did when I was young, she got excited and chose to do it.
My daddy had built a similar piece of equipment, and so we
referred to his expertise, for a plan. When Paris decided to do
this, we had plenty of time to built the equipment and test
subjects and construct a display.But, as our family always goes,
it was put off until the last minute. We did everything in one day.
But I guess we work well under pressure.

The project is a memory test. The equipment is a circuit board
that lights up when the circuit is completed. This requires the
tester (Paris) to have a map of the answers and connecting the
right outlets together.

We made it a family ordeal to build this thing. Jon was in charge of construction,
 I was wiring, Evey made sure the circuit and batteries
were working right, Paris was in charge of screwing in prongs and
making sure the same colors were on the same side.
Lex jumped up and down next to us all excited when the light lit up.
Wynn, didn't really care about this project. She conducted her own
project; getting as much stuff out on the floor as she could (messy, messy, messy!)

Then we had to make templates for the subject to memorize.
Paris had fun picking shapes and colors.
This is what happens when the subject picks the right answer.
Then the testing began. Scientist Paris' Question was;
What age group (0-10, 10-20, 20-30) will be able to
remember the greatest number of correct answers?
Her Prediction was that Daddy (20-30) would remember the most.
She used her map of each test, to connect the right answers.

Lex was her first subject
(but mostly because he couldn't wait ,
he really wanted to make it light up!) 

Each subject had 30 seconds to memorize the patterns.
Paris also had a lot of fun keeping time
Then each person had to plug in the right  answers.

Paris conducted three different tests on each person,
made some observations and then came to
 the conclusion that she was indeed correct.
Daddy got the most amount of correct answers.

Project completed and on display at school for judging.

Success!! Paris took home 1st place for her grade.

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TheAndFam said...

Yay for Paris!! That's so outstanding and awesome! Good for her!