Monday, January 10, 2011

A Look Inside

I decided it was really hard to see the baby on the last post.
So just because I think it is so cute, I'll post it again. Jon
complains he can never see anything. So for those of you
who have a hard time too... This is a shot of them measuring
the baby. The + at the bottom is at the top of the head and the
top + is at the bum. The baby is about 2 inches long.
Or in terms of fruit...the size of a plum.
We'll have another ultrasound at 20 weeks,
so sometime in March, and we will hopefully be able to see
what the baby is. We are ALL rooting boy!

As for me, I'm actually not feeling too bad. Tired, but I guess
that's to be expected, I am making another human! I dislike food,
so I'm expecting to loose weight again, but probably not as much
this time because I really haven't been too terribly sick.

The rest of the family is pretty excited, the kids make sure they
tell everyone they know. Which made it a bit hard to keep for a while.

So, this is a planned accident. We knew we would have another sometime,
but never thought it would be this soon, it took quite a while to get Winter!
But, we have come to realize that it is all in Heavenly Father's time.
Winter will be 18 months when this new little one makes his/her appearance.
Which is just a month less than the difference between Paris and Lex, but
Wynn and this one will only be a year apart in school, so that will be nice
for the baby. Poor Lex has had a hard time being home when he only
missed the deadline by 8 days!

Anyway, I'll keep everyone informed as this pregnancy progresses.


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Drea said...

Thanks for sharing! I like the idea of a planned accident! I'm ALWAYS curious about whether those expecting are having "planned" blessings or surprise blessings, but people don't seem to appreciate being asked! =)