Monday, January 10, 2011


Here's a face we just don't see enough of. There really aren't that
many pictures of Kurt out there in the world and I'm sure a few of
you would appreciate a good one!

He heard about a casting call for Peta in the Hunger Games movie,
and that they were looking for "un-knowns" so he thought he'd send
a headshot for fun, and ya never know, something could happen!

So he came over one night and we had fun taking a bunch of silly
pictures. We had a lot that turned out really good, but these were our

He was told once that he looked like George Clooney, and we all go
a good laugh! But in this picture and sometimes when he makes certain
expressions, we can see a little bit of the Clooney!

This is the one he's probably going to send in. We thought he looked
a little younger and a little less mean. Peta is supposed to be 16.
Good Luck Kurt!!
Just for clarification. Kurt is not naturally blond,
he was trying to go for the Peta hair color, but he wears it well!

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