Monday, February 28, 2011

And the Oscar goes to...

I know I've said it a lot. But , I'll say it again,
We are BIG movie people! Last year we decided
we wanted to see as many of the nominated movies
as possible. Well it's also the year they changed it
from 5 Best Picture nominees to 10. And from the
time the nominees are announced to when the Oscars
airs, is only about a month. Yikes! I think we did pretty
good last year. And we did even better this year. We
saw all of the Best Picture nominees and that gave us
most of the acting, directing, cinematography, and
special effects awards. It was awesome to be informed
on the movies!

We were sad though because, in the animated category
the number of nominees is based on the number of
animated movies accepted for nomination in that year.
So there were 15 movies accepted which meant 3 movies
could be nominated. Had one more been accepted they
could have nominated another 2 movies and we were
sure one would have been Tangled. It was such a great
movie! Don't get me wrong Toy Story 3 and How to
Train Your Dragon were so worthy (we didn't see The
Illusionist) and the other 15 movies included some of
our favorite movies, Despicable Me and Megamind,
but we really felt Tangled was snubbed!

Anyway, we had to throw a Red Carpet Party! We had
our normal friends and fam and then had another couple
and their cutie daughter. We were sad that a few new
friends couldn't join us after all. Next time, next time :)
We originally thought it would be fun to do a black tie
affair. But with everyone having been at church and in
dress clothes anyway and then thinking about how it
would be nice to relax while watching the Oscars, and
not have to be uncomfortable in nice clothes, we scrapped
that idea. Then we thought it would be fun to have
everyone wear black, like t-shirt, and then we'd hand out
black ties, but that one got scrapped too.
So we just left the clothing.

We served a somewhat fancy meal and had everyone
fill out a ballot and the total running time of the show
for a tie breaker.  We also played bingo through out,
with prizes. It was awesome! Some of the squares were:
winner puts on glasses, presenter flubbs line, Anne
Hathaway sings, Christian Bale spotted with Jesus-like hair
....and tons more. So Funny! I think everyone won at least
once.  Although it took Jon and I an almost blackout to
finally get a bingo!

We really enjoyed the show. Anne Hathaway and James Franco
we're pretty good.  I as always love the opening sequence the
most. But I couldn't find a video of it. I think ABC removed it.

Jon and I were happy with the Best Picture winner, King's Speech
was amazing! If you haven't seen it you should! If it's the "R" rating
that's stopping you....don't even get me started on the rating system!!
It's "R" because he drops the "F" Bomb a few too many times. But,
in England they went ahead and lowered the rating because he uses
it in a "therapeutic setting"  No Violence, no naughty scenes!
As for acting, we were SO happy Christian Bale won for supporting
actor, he was AMAZING in the Fighter!  I was torn between Colin
Firth and James Franco for best actor. Franco was awesome in that
he was able to command the screen all on his own for an entire movie,
and Frith was just awesome.

If I was torn for actors I was even more so for best actress. They were 
all great, but just not Academy Award Winning in my mind! But, 
what do I know. I went with Natalie Portman because she seemed the 
obvious choice. Jon went with her, because he's always been a fan. 
But too bad for the True Grit and Winter's Bone girls, that would have 
been awesome to win an Oscar so young!

I was actually happy Inception took home so many awards over the 
front runner Social Network. I enjoyed Inception so much more and 
so voted for it. And was pleasantly surprised to win those few categories, 
except for score. Boo Social Network, although Kurt went with it because 
he is a Trent Reznor fan. And how cool is that, the lead singer of Nine Inch 
Nails wins an Oscar. Eat it Music world!

Anyway, enough Oscar talk.
Tristan won the Lindsey Oscars, by one right answer over me, and only
because he guessed both documentary films right! Boo!! He took home
his very own "Oscar" statue! It was great fun,
already looking forward to next year!


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