Monday, February 28, 2011


Alright this is the last planned post for February.
But, I posted so much today a few of the posts
got pushed to the next page, so when you get to
the bottom hit "Older Posts" to see Paris' Birthday.

Jon skipped classes to be with me on our "sorta"versary.
He's the one that insists I call it that! Weirdo! I don't mind
calling it anniversary. Anyway, We didn't do much during
the day. We just chilled with Lex and Winter.

But for our date,I had originally wanted to go on an over
nighter to Park City or at least SLC, but my mom was in
Colorado, so we had to figure out different sitter arrangement.
Luckily I have an awesome brother and friend that happily
volunteered. We ended up just going to dinner and a movie,
our favorite thing to do anyway!

We went to Tucanos again. I've kinda been craving red meat!!
And saw I Am Number 4. It was good. From the writers of
Smallville, so if you like Smallville you will probably like this,
it has the same sort of "feel."

Jon has been so good to me and I know I said something on
his birthday, but I just want everyone to know, if you don't
already, just how wonderful he is. He is so fun to be with,
we have had a pretty fun 11 years of marriage. Nothing has
been bad as long as we're together. We keep each other in
check and know we are two parts of one whole, one can't
function without the other. It's a great partnership. And don't
even get me started on what a great dad he is. Words can't
express the love I have for him in that role! Ooo, if Dr. Fawcett
(marriage enhancement professor) could hear me now! Anyway,
enough mush, and yes I would like some crackers with my cheese!!

For the other half of the anniversary, see the Ultrasound pictures above.

I made this slideshow last year and I love it. So for my sake, I'm
posting it again. I'll have to update it next year with another kid.
Enjoy, I sure will!


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