Tuesday, February 1, 2011

A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away...

....Jon was born!

So Here's the pooper scooper for February 1st...
It's Jon's birthday, but he has decided that he would
rather not "celebrate" getting any older, so I was not
allowed to picture document the day.

It's Tuesday so kids have school, but Evey skipped
orchestra (which is before school)
so that we could give daddy his presents,
which consisted largely of Star Wars "junk"

(I call it junk, he calls it FAVORITE STUFF EVER!)
However, his "main" present won't arrive until March 2 at 3 pm.

Jon played hookie from all classes for the day and
our bestest friends who now live in the DC area were
in town, so they came and spent the day with us. It's
amazing how when you haven't seen good friends in
a while, how you pick up right where you left off,
as if no time was ever spent apart. We are hoping
they find the right job out here so that we can live
next to each other and grow into old geezers together!

We didn't get to have a sleep over like we usually do
though, early morning commitments took them away
from us! We did get to meet their youngest though, Jamie
was about to pop with him last time we saw them. And
they got to meet Winter. We were sad they couldn't bring
their 2 older boys. Lex and their oldest are the same age,
and always have a blast together.

We decided to go to Tucanos

(delicious Brazillian Grill with all you can stuff in your face
scrumptious meats, grilled veggies,
Grilled Pineapple, and
fried bananas....nom, nom, I'm getting hungry!)
for Jon's birthday dinner and since Evey had a dance
performance, she didn't have to go to dance class that day,
so it worked out nicely.  Jon somehow dodged the pounding
drum Birthday song, still trying to figure out how he did that.

We dropped Evey off at her performance, feeling a little bad we
weren't staying to watch, but we did watch it the night before.
It was an awesome show. No photography allowed though,
so no pictures from that either.

Then we spent the rest of Jon's birthday playing games
with Jamie and Danny. They bought him a new Wii game
and so we HAD to try it out!

A little tribute to my wonderful hubby for his birthday...
I'm so happy to have shared so many birthdays with him and
see how he's grown from a teen aged boy into such a wonderful
man. I really couldn't ask for a better person to share my life with,
he is amazing in every way and is a wonderful example to our children.
I'm so proud of him for all he has done and am looking forward to all
the things he is working for right now. Sure do love that guy!!


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