Sunday, February 6, 2011

SUPER thanks for asking!

Eventhough we really didn't care for either of the
teams in the superbowl this year. It has become a
tradition to throw a superbowl party, if for no other
reason than to have a party.  We had our normal
groupies here and a new couple.  It was a ton of
fun, as always.  They had made a squares game at
work ( you get assigned to a score, or numbers, on
a grid and if the last number of the score at the end
of each quarter is your numbers, you win) so it was
fun rooting for whichever team, it didn't matter, as
long as the numbers matched. Jon was close only
on the halftime score, but no winner for him.
We always love the commercials, here's our favorite.
Can you guess why?!!!!

We really enjoyed the halftime show! I hear a lot of
people thought it was lame, but really it was the best
in a long time. The Black-eyed Peas are great performers.
Yes Fergie may have been off key  for most of the time,
but really, most artists are like that when they are live
and not LIP SINKING!! Anyway, we liked it. Then we
had to watch the new Glee after, LOVE that show!!
And , I guess I should mention, I love superbowl food!!
Sometimes during the rest of the year, Jon and I decide
we are having "superbowl food" for dinner. So Fun!


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