Friday, February 25, 2011

Up and Coming

While helping Kurt with his head shots and reading
about how the casting directors were going to accept
unknown "new" talent for the movie, and reading the
description of the characters, we realized that Evey
was almost a perfect match to their description of Prim.

If you haven't read the Huger Games books, they are a
really great read! Evey read them first and was mad
because it took me forever to read them so she could talk
to me about them. Anyway, Prim, is the main character's
little sister. Here is the description the casting directors wrote:

[Primrose Everdeen]
Female, 12 years of age. Light hair and blue eyes. Katniss'
younger sister. Primrose's face is as fresh as a raindrop, as
lovely as the primrose for which she is named. Thoughtful,
sweet, and somewhat delicate in spite of all she has been
through at a young age.

We sent her headshot, resume and cover  letter and are waiting
to see if she gets called in.We aren't getting our hopes up, I'm
sure there are thousands of girls who are just as beautiful and
have the same sort of resume as Evey.

We did have to think about how it would work if she
was called though.  They are filming this summer in Georgia,
and we have a baby due.....
So, we may have to call on Grammy's or uncles to travel with her.
It's a fun dream!


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