Monday, February 21, 2011

A day off

Jon doesn't work on Mondays because he has
an evening class, so because there was no
school on President's Day we got to spend
a whole day doing whatever we wanted. Even
though Evey was still supposed to have Ballet,
we had her skip so we could just relax all day.
It was so nice!! A much needed break from STUFF.
Of course we filled it with other stuff! We
spent the morning getting supplies and building
lots of extra shelving in the washroom and kids
closets. Then we started the moving and
redecoration of the kids rooms.

As it was all the girls were in one room and
Lex had his own room (see this is why we need a
new house!! Now we have to fit one more too!)
Lex loves to fall asleep in the girls room anyway,
so we decided to have him share with Paris and Winter,
they all love to play together. And Evey will get
her own room until baby boy is born. Then after his
"in mommy and daddy's room time" he will go in the
room with her. But, hopefully by that time we will
be close to Jon finishing school and we can move to
wherever a job may take us.

"Before" pictures are taken, and because this is a major
project and is still in the making (we are building 4
new beds), "after" pictures will come later. We are
hoping to have Evey's room complete by her birthday.
Then we can tackle the other kids room. Which we are in
need of another twin mattress for, if anyone knows of
someone who has an extra one in fairly good condition
we can buy.

After we were satisfied with the building project for
the day, we decided to take a trip to Salt Lake to go
to the Gateway mall. Jon says her remembered the
Build-a-Bear being bigger, and we told the other 3
they could make one, since it was so much fun for Paris.
But, it had to be on a different day (not Paris' birthday)
and they couldn't get as "tricked out" bears. So Evey
and Lex made friends and Winter picked out a pre-made
smaller friend. And Paris bought a pair of jammies for

Only option for pics was with my phone.
And, even though it's an iPhone, it doesn't compare
and I hate taking pictures with it!
But I have sucked it up, this time.

Then since we were there, and we LOVE Ben and Jerry's so much,
we ate a quick dinner and got some scrumptious ice cream! By
then it was late and a school night, so we called it a day.


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