Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Hearts

I say it every year, We don't celebrate Valentine's day.
And, every year it's a lie!
Jon and I say our birthdays and our anniversary are
good enough, why do we need a Halmark holiday?
But then we say, well the kids can be our Valentines,
they like to celebrate and they have fun parties at school.
So I'll get them some chocolates and a little stuffed animal
or something, and Jon will get a dozen roses to split.

It works out perfect ( not sure how 12 is going to divide in
to 5 next year, yikes) And he ALWAYS ends up getting
me some flowers too. Did I say that I love that guy, yet?
Well I do. He also bought me a movie, and unbeknownst
to him I bought him a Star Wars Omnibus...don't ask!
So I guess we do celebrate, I should stop saying we don't.

Every year Jon has to work on Valentines night and so I
usually do fondue with the kids, but he had to work a million
hours around Valentines and actually got the night off.
So he got to join us for fondue this time. It was fun.
The kids aren't big on fondue for dinner, so we grilled some
steaks and had their favorite asparagus. A new addition this
year was our virgin strawberry daiquiris (basically just strawberries,

lime juice, Sprite, and ice) with the glasses rim dipped in red sugar,
they liked that too. Then we got as much junk food as possible to
dip in to chocolate.

It was a blast.

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Drea said...

I want to celebrate holidays at your house! Every time I read your blog I feel like my kids are really getting gypped! =)