Saturday, February 19, 2011

Lucky number 7

They grow so fast! 7 years ago at exactly 7 am
Paris Jasmine joined our family as a beautiful,
chubby cheeked baby with a head FULL of black hair.

And here we are 7 years later and she's blossomed
into a beautiful, smart, funny little girl.
We love our little Paris!

We woke early to have pancakes, as requested,
and presents and then get ready for her party.

She decided on a flower party this year.  I told her only 12 girls
could come. She had a hard time deciding, so we invited only
girls from her school class and from her church class, except her
best friend which is in neither. I had a lot of different ideas for a
flower party, but we had to keep it indoors. So we did the best
with what we had.

I was going to go for a wedding cake look with white icing and
real flowers, but decided that cupcakes went better with the little
finger food brunch they had.

My mom came over to help me with most of the prep
the night before so it was pretty simple set up in the morning.

When they arrived and were waiting for everyone else,
they colored a big flower picture.

Then they each got to make their own flower hair pretty.

Then they painted a little flower pot that
we later planted a flower in.

While some of the faster painters waited for the others
they tossed "seeds" in to the center of the flowers.

Then they had their little lunch of flower shaped sandwiches,
veggies, and flavored soda grown right in their cups.

Then came the cupcakes... and presents after.

We ended up running out of time and so had to rush
everyone through getting their treat bag, which was
scooping their choice of candy from the candy flower.

It turned out pretty good. Paris and the girls had a
lot of fun and that's what counts, right?!


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