Saturday, April 9, 2011


We woke up on Sunday morning to a whole lot-a white!
It was a lot ice so all the flowers and trees were sagging.
I shook off as many flowers as possible trying to save them,
and Jon shook off some of the trees that had already blossomed.

We all know I'm crazy, but I'll prove it to you....
Put your face really close to the screen,
I mean really close...come on smoosh
your nose on the middle of the picture.
Okay now close your left eye...winter.
Now switch, close your right open your left...spring!
Camera two.
Yeah apparently I have too much time on my hands!!                        

Who forgot to cover the grill!!!!!!!
Oh yeah, it was me when I was BBQing in the 80 degree weather the evening before!

I remember hearing the wind the night before,
but I had no idea what was happening outside.
A whole lot-a blowing snow and ice that's what.
See how the fence is completely white, that generally doesn't happen.
But freshly fallen snow sure is pretty!

Lambert was perfectly content to just observe the snow from the window,
I think the birds were content with that too.

Pretty doves! One of a few families that frequent our yard.

He's so cute!! Love that kid!

How many licks does it take to get to the center of a JUMBO jawbreaker?
I don't know ask Evey, It took her a few hours to get to this point.

She's pretty cute too!!

So independent!

This is one Winter that sticks around all year and no one complains!!

The snow eventually melted...but we have since had more.

These are our new visitors! Yikes, who's in charge of the yard!
I'm kidding! He'll get to it soon...(er)....or  later

Did I mention I love these kids!

We have started spring soccer season,
schedules are working much better than last season.
We have however had one game called early
because of freezing rain and lightning. And this morning, picture day,
all 3 of their games were canceled.
So far we have had to get ice cream after both of Lex's
games, because he scored goals.
Evey is determined to get a goal this year,
and was sooo close at the game was called early,
she just needed a few more minutes!
Paris is much more excited to play this year
 because she is finally on her friends team
and her friends dad is their coach,
so she is having a lot of fun so far.
Her favorite positions are defense and goalie

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