Friday, April 8, 2011

Spa Treatment

Evey chose to have a Spa/Makeover party this year.
Not really sure how it happened, but we were
throwing it together 3 days before.  She chose to
only invite a few of her closest friends. It ended up
working rather well!  The dollar store was my best
friend in those few days before and it ended up
having most of what I needed. I thought it would
be awesome for each girl to get her own bath robe.
But this would have required more time for sewing,
or a me willing to fork out over 20 bucks each, ha, I think not!

I wanted everyone to have their own mirror,
and I was worried that would end up being a big expense,
I really wasn't willing to spent more than a dollar
or 2 each so I was really happy the
dollar store had some, and they were pretty cute too!
We also got monogrammed kleenex for each girl
half of at Hobby Lobby. Love that place!!

We kept with the monogrammed stuff and made personalized water bottles.

Pretty cake right! Well...Jon helped me in the
kitchen with all of the goodies,
so we made this , as per Evey's request,
 Red Velvet Cake. But after it was done baking
we set it on the oven to cool, forgetting that
we were using the oven still, so it was hot.
Well after a while and when we went to ice
it with super scrumptious icing,
the cake was all dried out and crumbly.
So Sad!! I went ahead and iced it even
 though Jon ran out and picked up a store bought Red Velvet cake.

We did a fresh finger food dinner for the girls. Lot's of fruit
and see those deviled eggs back there,
we almost didn't make those after all,
which would have been a huge mistake,
The girls DEVOURED them.
Evey also contributed to the cooking and
made zucchini bread all on her own...super delish!

Fruit salsa and cinnamon/sugar chips....mmmm nom nom!

Allowing her facial mask to dry and beautify!

I guess she got a little hungry.

Girl Party Rule # 1: Must be goofy at all times!

At some point during the night the girls were talking about someone's
family tradition of smashing the birthday person's face in a cake.
It just so happened we had an extra cake,
so they gave Evey's face a nice cake mask.
She, like, had to totally redo her, like, make up after that!!
 Funny thing though the girls ended up eating a lot of the
smashed cake because it tasted better than the store bought.
Awww, made me feel good.

A lot of steps are left out of the pictures,
Jon had the other kids watching movies in their room,
and so I was helping them with all of the different things on my own.
I told my sisters how much I wished they would have been here to help,
it would have been so fun!
Anyway, this is soaking feet before pedicures while creating bath salts.

OO lala!
I really love 11 year old birthday parties!
The girls can do most everything on their own,
and move at their own rate, and a 5 hour birthday party flies by,
they had to rush their manicures. But they had a great time being girly!

This is Evey's real birthday with all the family.  Trying to decide which wish to wish for is hard !

Cake #2 We asked Evey what kind of cake she wanted for her family party,
and she said ice cream cake. So we decided to retry the Red Velvet,
but make it ice cream. So while looking for a ice cream to complement the red velvet,
we stopped by the Ben and Jerry's section to check out their new flavors.
One happened to be Red Velvet Cake. Perfect!
Turned out a little messy, but it was Go-ood!

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Drea said...

I LOVE seeing what you've dreamed up for your kiddos birthday parties! So creative! And pretty! I'm really looking forward to doing this sort of things with my girls. But not too soon!