Thursday, May 5, 2011

Busy, Busy, Busy!!

Evey is amazing! She is so busy with all of
her activities and still manages to be one of
the top students in her class. It's funny to see
her on days when she doesn't have something
going on. She'll help her brother and sisters do
a science project or clean and organize something,
or reads one of the many collections  of her books.
Oh I'm supposed to add, jumps on the tramp with
siblings and plays angry birds, to her list of
down time activities.

Just for our records and for her to look back
when she is older, here is  a week in Evey's
life just recently, April 25-30.

8:20-3:00- school (somedays she is taken out of
normal school and bussed to the School of Accelerated
Learning for science or other days for Math Olympiad)
3:15-4:15- choir
4:30-5:30- Softball clinic
5:30-6:45- Ballet

7:30-8:00- Orchestra
8:20-3:00- School
3:15-4:00- Homework
4:15-6:15- JDC & Jazz
(4:30-Softball clinic, skipped)

7:30-8:00- Orchestra
8:20-3:00- School
3:15-4:15- Choir
4:15-5:00- Soccer Practice

7:30-8:00- Orchestra
4:30-5:30-Soccer Game
7:00- Spring Orchestra/ Choir Concert

8:20-1:10- School

8:00-10:00-Soccer Double Header (rescheduled for snow)

Most Fridays she adds in hanging out with friends and
twice a month she adds in Church Activity Days.
She was recently put in charge of a class talent show
and is having so much fun organizing it. She can't wait to
be in student council.
I am surprised they don't have it yet at school.

We are so proud of her and all of her accomplishments!
She manages to be very happy most of the time,
and is always a huge help around the house!
I hear every now and then that she is bored,
but I never hear that she is tired. She seems
to have endless energy.  What will High School be like???

She loves to take pictures so I let her use my old Rebel the other day.
She has an amazing eye! I told her she could do her own post on the
blog to show her work. I think she did some sort of collage or series
or something. But I love these few too much to wait!

I love this one so much I want to frame it!!


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Drea said...

Those are great! But with you two for parents, how could she not be artistically inclined? Her schedule makes me tired =)