Thursday, May 19, 2011


This is Evey's second year performing in this awesome show!
Last year I had just had Winter and decided I wouldn't chaperon,
but I got to this year and it was so fun!!

Hope of America is just a part in the huge effort that is
America's Freedom Festival here in Utah, that ends
with the Stadium of Fire. It was so awesome to be a part
in something so patriotic. I was telling Jon that, at the
rehearsal I would just cry through most of the songs,
mostly in the ones about our service men and women

and the military and they always have incredible videos
playing on the huge screens in the arena. Trying not to cry
as I write this!! I did okay in the actual performance though!!
Other songs were about MLK I Have a Dream, Declaration
 of Independence, Bill of Rights , Constitution, VOTE, and
Utah. It is just awesome how it's such a learning experience
for the kids too. They know all these lyrics and so can recite
portions of the Constitution and Declaration of Independence
and Bill of Rights.  It's amazing too, how much knowledge is
retained learning things through song!

Off on a little tangent My kids love to watch School House Rocks.

Old and silly I know, but they really do learn stuff, like, even Lex
knows some multiplication facts, or they know what adverbs are
silly stuff like that, but that comes in handy in school. The kids
can also tell you all of the States in alphabetical order, because of
a song Jon taught them. Anyway, hurray for learning through music!!

So back to Hope of America, since I was in the flag with Evey,
Jon had the other 3 on his onsies.  Apparently they were awesome,
except on the last song, Winter got mad so that is why it is cut off,
but only seconds. The video is just 3 songs including the Star
Spangled Banner. We performed in in sign language, but I failed
to mention that to Jon and so he didn't zoom at all. But oh well it is
just so amazing anyway. If you are in the Utah county area, I would
suggest going next year. It's free and just too fun. They have a little
pre show and a few acts in between songs and the cutie Old lady line

Okay another tangent these ladies are sooo cute! Jean's Golden Girls
are all between the ages of 50 and 94 and they dance so amazing!!
There are about 50-75 women in this group and they boast in their
introduction  that between them all they have something like 500
children, 1500 grand children and at least 200 great grand children!!
The founder of the group, Jean, is 94 and is as limber as any dancer
I've ever seen. She always does a little solo where she does amazing
high kicks and splits. It's so fun to watch! She has even been on
The Tonight Show. Okay here's a video of them, this isn't at the
Hope of America, obviously, but this is the routine they did.
The kids were really into it singing along with the music...
You have to watch this!!

If you watch some of the other videos that it shows after this video, 
there are a few others of Jean's golden Girls, 
but if you click on the "92 year old dancer!" 
one it also shows more Hope of America, 
and the WAVE that the whole arena does. 
I forgot to have Jon tape that one, it's pretty fun!

Okay really this time, here's a few songs from Hope of America!


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Drea said...

Adelaide loved the Golden Girls dance! What fun!