Thursday, June 2, 2011

Bird Friends

Hello people of the internet world! This is Evey Lindsey reporting to you, yes you, from the Lindsey blog spot.
Lately, we have been taking pics of The birds that have visited or live in our back yard,So we thought we would share them and some random facts with you!

Red-Winged Blackbird:Male
These are very common in our yard.

American Goldfinch:Female in Fall and winter

Eurasian Collared Dove: Male and female look alike
These are year round birds at our house.

Yellow-Headed Blackbird:Male
Super common and ANNOYING!!!!!!! They come in huge flocks and scare away all other birds. : (

Brown-Headed Cowbird:Male

House Finch:Male
This bird is lighter in the spring and summer(Red breast)

House Sparrow: Female
Super cute and fuzzy!

House Sparrow: Male
What's funny about this "sparrow", Its not related at all to sparrows! Its what we call a weaverbird or weaverfinch!

Black-Headed Grosbeak: Male
One of the prettiest birds we have ever seen!

American Goldfinch:Male in spring and summer
Their song is a long warbling sound lasting 30 seconds or more.

Yellow-headed blackbird:Female
They usually stay by their nests.

Brown-headed Cowbird: Female

Lazuli Bunting: Male
This is the latest edition to our bird flock. This is also my personal favorite.

Birds not captured on pics: Evening Grosbeak and Morning Dove.


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