Thursday, May 19, 2011


I waited until the last game of each kid to take pictures.
It's been a crazy season, lots of rescheduled games for weather.
I'm glad I waited though, They all played fantastic games!

Paris has decided she likes playing again. I'm pretty sure it's
because her friend's dad was their coach and her bestest friend
was also on the team. At this level it starts to get harder to score,
because the kids start getting it, and the numbers of kids starts to
dwindle, it starts to become the kids that actually enjoy and want
to play.She really did good at most of the games.
Her favorite positions are defense and goalie, but she plays
offense rather well too and has some super speed when she
turns it on!
She was really close to scoring a couple of times in this game,
and had an awesome breakaway!

Evey has just gotten better and better every season.  As I said
before it gets harder as they get into the older leagues, Evey
is now in the highest league provided by the city. I guess it
just goes to school teams after this and there are a few club
soccer teams in the valley.  Evey loves to play offense and
is generally put as a forward. She is also one of the smallest
in the whole league and it is so funny to see her show down
with a huge girls that dwarfs her. She has no fear though and
is awesome at being aggressive and charging.  She has been
so close so many times to scoring a goal, but either the goalie
gets it, or it just misses. Her last game was a double header,
and the team has never looked better! They worked so well
together to move the ball, and coach was on top of giving them
rests so that even in the second game they weren't overly tired!
Well Evey got her goal in the first game, and I amazingly got a
picture of it!! We were so happy we sent all of the family texts.
Then not 10 minutes later in the next game, against a different
team, she got another!! And I got a picture! Amazing!
She was so happy and we were so proud!

Goal # 1

Goal #2

And there was much rejoicing! 

Evey missed team pictures, even though
 we were at the field watching Lex,
 we didn't hear my alarm...oops!
So this will have to do this season.

Lex is absolutely amazing! The kid is a natural at sports!
He absolutely understands everything that is happening in the
game and will help his team mates to know what to do, or help
the coach to know who the ball went out on or whatever, he is
just totally focused on the game and it is so fun to watch. His
league is the beginning league, where there are a million kids and
only a handful that really know what to do. Most of them don't follow
the ball or cry if it touches them. There are 8 on a team and only 4 on
the field at a time and no goalie (see why it's easier at this younger level)
and the games are only 24 minutes long, so each kid would get to play
for 6 minutes then rest for 6. Lex had a teammate that was awesome
too and they would dominate! They would break away from the pack
and run it down to score every time. The coach ended up trying to not
play them at the same time because the score would end up being like
15-0! But, we don't keep score in this league!! Lex's average goals were
about 3. But sometimes would score as many as 6. We started telling
Lex to help some of his other team mates, so he would pass them the
ball or throw it to them. He was so good about it even when though he
would usually end up having chasing it back down to get it to the goal.
He is so fun to watch! Next up (no break, we are already playing) T-ball (Lex),
Coach Pitch (Paris) and softball (Evey)

Winter can't wait to play! She is such a good cheerleader. She shouts
"go,go,go, (insert sibling)!!"  I think she'll be great too, she loves to dribble
the balls around on the sidelines and even understands that she can't cross
the white line.


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