Monday, June 20, 2011


I did this with a class I taught at a preschool before Evey was born and have been wanting to do it with my kids for, seriously, YEARS!! And our crayon stash is large enough to prove it!!

So I had everyone peel crayons and  break them and put them into molds.

Then we baked them. We made the flower ones for Winter so she can hold them better.

In our church bag we have had some nasty old crayons and  nice markers. Well the markers are what everyone wants to use, and lately Winter has been a monster and colors on herself and everyone else. After coloring during sacrament the kids go to class multi-colored. So we decided we needed to ditch the markers and revamp our crayons. So with our newly made shaped crayons, I made each kid their own crayon pouch to go in the church bag. Evey's is a bit more custom with slots for colored pencils and crayons, and Paris and Lex have more room for more regular crayons, but this is Winter's, she has more spots for the big flower crayons we made her!


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Drea said...

Oh my goodness, I love that idea! Especially the personalized pouches! Our church bag is the only place where crayons are allowed since it's the only place I can be sure Matilda won't color on walls! And she has those color wonder markers (again, because of the coloring on herself and walls) but then everyone fights over them. Did you make Winter's crayon roll/pouch/thing? If so, how? I wanna make some now!