Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Updated photo wall

I'm such a bum. I have been meaning to update all the pictures on my picture walls since Winter was born. I finally got around to it this week. Sad because she's almost a year and a half now! Anyway, I set out to take "good" pictures of everyone over the last little while, because I have their portraits blown up big on the entertainment center.  Evey is so dramatic and mature! Paris is glamorous. Lex is super easy, and Winter is the biggest pain in the butt!!! But they are all so cute! Here is just a few of my favorites of each kid.

We took a few different ones to put in Evey's room too. Here are those first.

These are my fav of Evey.

We cut about 7 inches of hair off the bottom of Paris hair. She was a little sad, but after seeing the before and after pictures, she thought it looked so much better and loved dressing up for pictures.

And these are my favs of Miss Princess

Lex lost his first tooth, which I'll post about later. Here are my favs of him

I took pictures of Winter during each other kids little photo shoot and one with my mom. She just doesn't like to smile for the camera, or really even look in to it! Argh!

So in my last attempt, These are my favorites

This is the attitude I get when I ask her to look at me!!

She loves this one too. She is learning to call herself "me" so she points at everyones pictures,
There's Ebey, and Par and Leh and MEEEE!

And here is the ones I chose. And a picture of my favorite photo wall, just because I love it!


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